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SmartPay is a Romanian company founded in 2010 by a team with more than 10 years of extensive experience in electronic payments. The goal is to create innovative solutions and gain share on a local market dominated by a few major players. The products line include card payments solutions running on EFT-POS terminals and self service payment kiosk terminals, self service cash deposit solutions, transactions middleware, monitor and management solutions for terminals fleet.


Payment Application for EFT-POS

The SmartPOS solution meet the needs of customers from different bussinesses and industry sectors. It is an modular solutions build as a cross platform software easy to migrate to any hardware platform, also easy to integrate with any bank host or processing center. The solution support multi-host and multi-protocol connections and also run on different type of EFT-POS terminals like desktop, mobile and unattended terminals. The SmartPOS is ready to run as native application on Ingenico, VeriFone, PAX and XAC terminals.



Payment Application for Kiosk

The SmartKIOSK solution run on different types of payment kiosks and support electronic or cash payments. It is an modular solutions developed to run on different software and hardware configurations. The solution can be adapted to accommodate different payments and services like bill payments, topup, cash deposit in personal or company account.



Terminal Management Solution

The SmartTMS solution is build to maximize the control of monitoring and minimize the cost of management operations. It is an enterprise solution that manage software version and configuration parameters, enable remote update of aplications or parameters, and monitor terminals hardware and software. The solution support terminals supplied from multiple vendors as well multiple types of terminals like EFT-POS terminals (attended, unattended and mobile-POS) and self service payment terminals (kiosks).



Remote Key Loading Solution

The SmartRKL solution enable the remote encryption keys loading in EFT-POS terminals. It is an enterprise solution that addresses financial and non-financial organizations to simplify the process of periodically renewing encryption keys. The solution allows the management of small to large fleet of EFT-POS terminals and meets the latest PCI and international card organizations security requirements.



Transaction Solution

The SmartSWITCH solution is a middleware server which enhance the payment solutions for EFT-POS terminals and payment kiosks with new functionalities by connecting to any third party systems like core banking systems, loyalty systems, topup platforms. It is based on modular architecture, allowing the owners to select which standard modules to use, while it allow to add custom modules based on bussines requirements. The solution allow web access for transactions log, journals or reports and also meets the latest PCI and international card organizations security requirements.


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